Deutsches Puppen- und Bärenmuseum

German Dolls- and Baermuseum




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The Museum

Over three thousand dolls, teddy bears and toys from various periods of history are occupying 1,800 sq. feet. The atmosphere is nostalgic and gives a comprehensive insight into the life of "our childhood companions" - then as now.

Experience the unique charm this place has and allow yourself to be transported back into the days of yur childhood.

Not only will the children´s hearts beat quicker on first seeing the dolls´ palours and tiny miniatures. In addition to this you can acquire an insight into the way dolls are manufactured, the carving of dolls and the work which goes into the museum´s Doll an Teddy clinic. This is a unique collection from all over the world of dolls, teddies, toys and miniatures all under one roof .


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